Eastside Group of Companies - Body Shop - Winnipeg, Manitoba Eastside Group of Companies - Body Shop - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thrifty Car Rentals

Thrifty Car Rentals

We now offer Thrifty Car Rental service with three locations to serve you since 2011.

Get on the road quickly with a vehicle of your choice from Thrifty.

Thrifty Car Rental offers a large selection of high-quality vehicles at great rates. From sports cars to SUVs, sedans and minivans to cargo vans, no matter what type of vehicle you're looking for - at Thrifty you'll find a car rental that suits your style and your budget.

Serving Eastside customer's needs as well as local and national corporate rental needs as part of the Thrifty corporate group.

Looking to the future is a sentiment echoed by George.

"Right now we've been really going both for quality control and working at efficiencies," says George. "Today's customers are very demanding, but good technicians are still hard to come by. We've been doing a lot of in-house training, especially at our industrial facility."

The in-house training at The Eastside Group is mentor based, with junior technicians working closely with those technicians who have more experience.

"We work out a payback with our senior staff for mentoring new people, so they have a vested interest. Sometimes junior staff may spend years working closely with their mentor and learning about the business," says George. "A technician who meets our standards knows the whole industry."

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