Prototype Development

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Before you start into production you may need a mock up or model to see what your part is going to look like or how it's going to fit or you may want to take it to a trade show. A fiberglass prototype will hold up when dry fitting or when transporting it to different places, it can be painted and most important it can be changed if your idea didn't work.

When you're looking to reproduce something there must be a pattern (a sturdy model of your part). Whether you provide your own or we provide one for you, we will work together with you to develop the pattern so that the tool it produces will have long life and produce quality parts. The physical structure of the pattern depends on how many tools will be built from it.

Custom components or larger OEM volume components, we have the capacity to support you and provide a quote and project timeline for any project. Please contact us today with any questions or for a quote.

We can work with you and your team to ensure we develop the material load that meets your components needs. Ensuring the appropriate resins, glass and reinforcement materials are used to have your component perform to your expectations is a key process in developing a new component at our facility. Should you and your team require performance levels for a proposed material load Eastside can provide this information to ensure you make an informed decision when assessing what process and what materials go into the component we will produce for you.

Rapid prototyping

Do you have a short timeline for a special project?

Eastside can develop direct prototype tooling to meet small test components or pilot runs prior to moving to full production tooling. Ask us how!

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President's Message

We have been very fortunate to see what started out as a two-man operation grown to have over 100 employees, all working toward ensuring Eastside's values reside in every product or service we provide. We look forward to growing with our customers and serving them for many years to come.

Thank you,

Chad G. Brick, President,
Eastside Group of Companies

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