George Brick and his wife Lynn are the Owner/Operators of Eastside Collision Repairs, Eastside Industrial Coatings, Eastside Heavy Truck Collision and Thrifty Car Rentals in Winnipeg, MB. The four divisions operate as The Eastside Group.

Eastside Collision has been getting people back on the road safely and quickly since 1979.

Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do early in life. Others need time to find their niche. That’s certainly the case with George Brick.  George Brick and his wife Lynn are the Owner/Operators of Eastside Collision Repairs, Eastside Industrial Coatings, Eastside Heavy Truck Collision and Thrifty Car Rentals in Winnipeg, MB. The four divisions operate as The Eastside Group. As a teenager, George says he tried several different industries before finding his life’s work.

 “When I started high school, I took what was called the Occupational Entry Course. The idea was to send students out to various businesses to get work experience,” says George. “I tried all sorts of things, but I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them. Then I got placement at Pembina Auto Body. I knew from the first day that I didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

 George stayed with Pembina Auto Body all the way through high school, and was eventually taken on as a paid employee. George continued to work there for the following six years.

 In 1979, George made the decision to strike out on his own. He and his then partner, Bob Koroscil, founded Eastside Collision.

   “In the beginning it was a two man operation,” says George. “The business grew slowly but steadily. In the early 90’s I bought out my partner and continued to move forward on my own.”

Eastside Industrial Coatings - Est 1997

 The next decade was a period of slow but steady growth for the collision repair facility. It wasn’t until 1996 that Eastside Collision began to assume the form it has today, thanks to a conversation Eastside general manager Les Heshka had in a nearby restaurant one day at lunch.

 “I started talking with someone who ran a fiberglass manufacturing facility," says Les. "We talked a bit about the collision business, and he asked if we were interested in trying something different." The something different in question was working on fiberglass parts for the bus industry. George decided to go ahead with the idea and set up a night shift at the original location. It proved successful. Volume increased to a point where, six months later, the decision was made to move that part of the business to its own location. In 1997 Eastside Industrial Coatings officially opened for business.

Update on this division today:

In 2012 Industrial moved to a new location to further expand into the composite manufacturing industry, 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Expanding our tooling and prototyping capabilities

Investing in the latest robotic technologies

Supplying local OEM’s in the agriculture, transportation and medical industries.

Eastside Heavy Truck Division - Est. 1999

 The next expansion came in 1999, when George perceived a need for another heavy truck collision facility in the Winnipeg area. Land was purchased and a new shop was built to expand the car facility and serve heavy trucks.

 “Some of our longest standing clients were Hutterite colonies,” says George. “Up until that point, we had been servicing their fleet of pick-up trucks, vans, and all their light-duty vehicles. It was a natural move to start servicing their heavy truck fleet as well.”

 Within two years business had grown to the point where the facility just didn't have room for everything, and in November of 2001 Eastside Heavy Truck Collision moved to a separate location.

 Launching an expansion is always risky. For The Eastside Group it is a certainty that it has been a success. Long gone are the days when a staff of six worked in a 2400 square foot facility. Today The Eastside Group employs over 150 people and the three buildings total roughly 118,000 square feet.

With four successful businesses under their belts, some might feel content to rest on their past accomplishments. Some might, but not George Brick and Les Heshka.

Thrifty Car Rental Winnipeg - est. 2011

Three locations – Inkster, Marion and Sandman hotel

Our fleet is ready to serve your vehicle rental and replacement needs. 

  • With direct billing to MPI we can provide you with a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road or in the repair shop.
  • Looking for a vehicle for the weekend, watch for our weekend specials.
  • Corporate account, we can provide you with an annual rate for your budget and planning needs.
  • Long term rentals, we can provide you with a long term rental rates to meet your needs.

Weather you are looking for a fuel efficient rental, an SUV or Van to hold your family or a truck; we have the vehicle for you.

What's Next?

Looking to the future is a sentiment echoed by George.

 “Right now we’ve been really going both for quality control and working at efficiencies,” says George. “Today’s customers are very demanding, but good technicians are still hard to come by. We’ve been doing a lot of in-house training, especially at our industrial facility.”

 The in-house training at The Eastside Group is mentor based, with junior technicians working closely with those technicians who have more experience.

Eastside Group of Companies Values


  • Delivering quality in everything we do.
  • Quality products, properly trained and experienced staff and quality systems to consistently deliver the best possible product to our customers

Customer Service

  • Always focus on the customer, listen to ensure needs are not only met but exceeded


  • Clean facility, clean cars, clean work environment

President's Message

We have been very fortunate to see what started out as a two-man operation grown to have over 100 employees, all working toward ensuring Eastside's values reside in every product or service we provide. We look forward to growing with our customers and serving them for many years to come.

Thank you,

Chad G. Brick, President,
Eastside Group of Companies

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