Frame Repairs

Complete Frame Straightening

Eastside Group of Companies - Car Repair - Winnipeg, Manitoba

In house frame straightening using the CAR-O-LINER computerized frame measuring and straightening equipment.

An understanding of structural repairs is critical to a proper repair process for your vehicle, and the decision to repair a vehicle. Proper structural repairs are very critical today because of the wide use of air bags and because the stiffness and crushability of a vehicles frame interacts with the safety system used to deploy the air bags. If the structure is altered, an air bag can deploy early or late, either of which could result in greater injury or even death.

As a leader in the auto repair industry with one of the first Car-o-Liner automated frame repair systems installed in the province, Eastside has always focused on a complete repair solution from structure to the final paint finish.

For this reason and others, it's critical in the repair process to restore a vehicle to pre-accident condition. Eastside has always invested in the proper equipment to ensure this is the case.

President's Message

We have been very fortunate to see what started out as a two-man operation grown to have over 100 employees, all working toward ensuring Eastside's values reside in every product or service we provide. We look forward to growing with our customers and serving them for many years to come.

Thank you,

Chad G. Brick, President,
Eastside Group of Companies

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